Saturday, November 25, 2006

Song fancies

Ever had songs bring mini stories to mind other than the one they meant to share?

Happens to me quite often.

Listening to "All Around My Hat" by Steeleye Span brought to mind a grown Tiffany Aching handling a forward young man with her usual - intense - commonsense.

"Saucy Sailor" (also Steeleye Span) makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow - not entirely down on his luck (for a change) in a Colonial gulf port town. He sees a pretty lass, but his burnt features and ragged coat do not appeal to this brazen social climber, so he entertains the whole pub at her expense.

"Northern Skyline" (by Clannad) might mark the end of trials for a missionary explorer. At last the shadows flee, the truths are heard, and all is peace in the world as he wends his way back home.

"Bard's Dance" (Enya) suggests to my imagination a simple minstrel dancing by light of the festival's bonfire, with bells on his boots, before the sour-faced chieftain and his court. He starts off slowly and simply, gradually the tempo increases as he wins them over with his grace and melodies..until bed and dinner are assured. :)

& "Journey's End" ( Clannad) would be perfect for Yeesha after she'd made a few friends with her quest ^_^

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