Friday, November 24, 2006

Five on Friday

How about... five sets of five?

A - The last five books I've read:

1. Left Behind: Soul Harvest
2. Left Behind: Apollyon
3. Reaper Man
4. Elijah & Jezebel
5. C. Lewis' letters postwar period

(1-3 are rereads. I've been working on Lewis' letters awhile. Finally finished it. Yay!)

B - Five magazines I've read lately:

1. Wired
2. Maximum PC
3. Country
4. Blue Ridge Country
5. Popular Science

C - Five albums I've listened to lately:

1. Come to the Quiet by JMT
2. Long Distance Voyager by the Moody Blues
3. Below the Salt by Steeleye Span
4. Soul Anchor by Michael Card
5. Dancing in Jerusalem by Lamb

D - Five things I would love to have (but probably won't see from my family) this Christmas:

1. Spiced Green Tea perfume
2. Aspen perfume (for women)
3. Babylon Rising: Secret of Ararat #2
4. The Studio Ghibli collection on dvd
5. the Mikado on dvd

Why? Because 1 & 2 & 4 & 5 are only available online. As for # 3 - My family can never seem to remember which Babylon Rising book is next.

E- My five new Christmas decorations:

1. Noah's Ark windmill/candle thingy
2. William's 3ft tall nutcracker guy
3. The fiber optic dancing penguin and polar bear
4. the big flashing blue & white snowflake for the window
5. a silver/blue wreath with tiny lights that is on the door.

(Yes, The new stuff is already up - but we haven't gotten out the the tree and all yet. )


edit: hhmm since I finished early Saturday I guess it ought to be six for Sat, soI'll do a bonus listing for each catagory

a - Hollyood vs America by Medved (another reread)
b - Consumer Reports
c - Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennit
d - a new cartridge fountain pen (because they think I already have all I could ever need ;)
e- pearl ornaments

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