Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weird Wired Living 1

I figure I'll end up with lists like this again so may as well make this a series from the start.

I followed a blog trail back to these excellent Blog Commenting Guidelines

Then I stopped by BillP's excellent site and found a warning as to how much information (and misinformation) can be gleaned from logged search engine entries tied to any particular identifier. (In AOL's case it was a number.) Illustrated by this poor lady's story.

from there I followed his links to read about Windows XP Optimzing Myths

& the handyness of McAfee's SiteAdvisor

& some warnings about the proliferating Zango ads/games/ & more recently, a winamp skin

& which endeavors to keep track of some of the malware out there.

& a reminder to get the most recent windows patches. These folks also note that myspace info is particularly non-secure in wifi settings. You can check on your security updates here

lest all these warnings make you want to hide...

Stumbled on some more classic free ebooks in the MS reader format

I also found a somewhat amusing photo-shopped pc vs mac ad

(which had a link to a funny ad called 'sinking' )


Thats it for now!


Hoshea said...

Oh, that "sinking" add was hilarious!

Also, thanks for stopping by our group blog. I don't know if you knew this, but I had another blog that you commented on at times. It was this one that I recently closed down.

Some friends and I have now started a group blog dealing mostly with student ministry but will tackle various other topics as well pertaining to Christianity and church life.

God bless and we'll see you around the blogosphere.

Shushan said...

I believe I remember it! I also remember thinking it was pretty good.

Thanks for stopping by!

Reverberate58 said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I like to meet all newbies to my site! I am not the best blogger so you get a lot of who I am when I do post which is a lot and on some day more than a lot! Stop by anytime, I am always around!

And to this posting. I think we are all exposed when we are on the internet. I can find searches others have made just by knowing small things about them. That is without a huge saved database. I've posted on it several times. If you don't want people to know things about you don't get on the internet and leave yourself all over it! I check up on my youngest sd alot and it scares us sometimes after her visit to the places she goes and the info she so willing gives out!

Ginnie said...

What a total hoot! I loved reading this, Shushan. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I see that we have a similar template. AND you're from Virginia, where I was born (Lynchburg) way back in 1945 :) It's a small world after all!

PopTart Mom said...

Thinking I am glad to be computer illiterate... *Scratching head*