Wednesday, August 09, 2006

3 things (meme)

Combining Mommy Brain's & PoptartMom's 3 thing's memes

3 People That Make Me Laugh
* My husband
* My Mom
* My son

3 Things I Love
* homeschooling with my family

* my new fiber-optic lamp

* Jesus

3 Things I Hate
* blind prejudice/hatred
* runaway arrogance (hubris)
* slander, especially lying slander

3 Things I Don’t Understand

* WHY there are none so blind as those who will not see. I have now faced the reality of this. I just can't understand how people can blind themselves so thoroughly.

* Why they print 'open here' on packages that open 'there'

* technical blueprints of 'bout anything..which strikes me as ironic. Aren't they supposed to explain stuff?

3 Things I’m Doing Right Now
* listening to an archeology documentary (Meet the Ancestors)

* blogging

* reflecting happily on the Chinese food we just had. (Went out tonight)

3 Things I Want to Do Someday

* travel for months on end all over North America...then elsewhere

* learn several other languages fluently (I can stumble through 2-3 now)

* write a classic ;-)

3 Things I Can Do
* sew basic clothing

* make innumerable crafts

* listen to you

3 Ways to Describe My Personality
* honest
* caring
* faithful

3 Things I Cannot Do

* travel in time

* rollerskate in a buffalo herd

* give up

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
* God's Word

* your heart

* your conscience

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
* temptations

* our cat barfing up a hairball

* a nearby nuclear explosion

3 Absolute Favorite Foods
* fresh, slow-cooked bbq

* a well-done roast (lamb, beef, venison) with home-made gravy and basmati rice

* goulash, stroganoff, or Jagerschnitzel with spaetzle

3 Things I’d Like to Learn

* How to make a working linking book

* How to make stained glass windows

* How to get my game engine to work properly :P

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly

* iced Earl Grey or Constant Comment tea. Seriously, I just love them that way.

* cold water

* Dr Pepper (trying to phase this out to lemonade & apple juice...)

3 Shows I Watch
* Mythbusters

* Planet's Funniest Animals

* Mother Angelica Live

What are your favorite seasons in order:


What are your favorite smells for each season:

Fall -- 1) fresh apples in wooden bushel baskets surrounded by damp, colorful leaves
2) A crisp cold day with a slow roast cooked outdoors mixed with the smell of beeswax being melted for candles in a colonial reproduction village.
3) late fall flowers mixed with the cool damp colorful leaves, pinecones, and fresh-cut grass

Spring- wildflowers and daffodils on a cool breezy day

Winter- 1) Christmas ciders or wassail brewing slowly
2) sweetbreads, cookies, or pumpkin pie baking
3) pinecone/berry wreaths, potpourri baskets,

Summer- 1) bbq slow-cooked over mesquite chips
2) (clean) sweaty suntan, sweet perfumes, and fireworks smoke in the humid night
3) overclean air conditioning and my children's powdered sugar funnelcake
4) field of flowers flowing over the swimming pool's chlorine
5) fresh cut grass before the storm

What are your favorite foods for each season:

Fall - fresh-pressed apple cider
Spring - lamb roast
Winter - pumpkin bread
Summer - fresh, grilled salmon/burgers/bbq

What are your favorite colors for each season:

Fall - deep pumpkin orange, forest green, leaf reds and yellow
Spring - cyan blue, lacy white, valentine red
Winter - ice blue, dark velvet green, deep burgundy
Summer - egg yellow and navy blue

What are your favorite activities for each season:

Fall- new homeschooling books & programs, field trips & group classes

Spring - field trips again! Getting outside & walking, planting seeds, starting back to the parks

Winter- Going around to looking at the Christmas decorations/lights, sending & receiving happiness, picking Christmas treats/projects (Gingerbread houses etc), reading cozily inside on wild day, playing games together

Summer - off to the parks, swimming, reading cozily in the air conditioning on a very hot day

If you’d like to do this one, consider yourself tagged!


Carrie K. said...

"travel for months on end all over North America" - those are our dream plans for retirement!

I love all the smilies and graphics!

PopTart Mom said...

LOVE IT! *Thunderous Applause*

(And also lots of *LOL*)

Rebehm said...

Hi Mom! That was a fun meme to read! :)

Shushan said...

Very glad to hear y'all enjoyed it :D