Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Smoothie(r) sailing

Okay, having finally said what I've *almost* said for so long, I guess I'm done with pointless ranting at an unjust world...for now ;)

Life is looking a little bit sunnier on this bright, warm afternoon.

Tom's colonscopic procedure went as smoothly as possible. In fact it was over not long after I returned from a light breakfast with with the nice people in the cafeteria in the hospital. Actually I was greeted warmly everywhere I went in the building, but especially welcomed at the cafeteria. There were a few others in when I arrived there, so I noticed the companionable nods & smiles, but assumed they felt that way about everybody. When the sad yuppy-looking folks left, one of the guys who work in the area looked around, grinned, and said "Hey! Its just us now. We can talk!" I chuckled but thought he'd missed my presence. He hadn't. So we talked about the news stories together, good & bad. Funniest bit was a lengthy video clip showing a small herd of buffalo coralled in tennis courts. This happened in roughly in Og's part of the world.. Wonder what he thought of that? Couldnt help but remember that childhood photo...

Afterward I settled down for what I expected to be a long wait, but turned out to be about 10 minutes. Tom was already waking up. Doctor said it was the same stricture point & thinks something else will have to be done to keep it from recurring. We are to meet with him again in about a week.

ssoo... now we're home. Tom says he feels a bit better than he did this morning. His diet is pretty limited right now to smoothies, slurpees (had one on the way home), juices and the like.

Happily we make some awesome fruit smoothies around here.

You can make a delicious & easy one with pina colada mix (Bicardi workes best), a large banana in pieces, & ice cubes in the blender. That's how we started again. By now, we've gotten where we like to make them from scratch with cocoanut milk, pineapple pieces (canned is fine & add the juice), apple juice, ice cubes, & banana. 'Tis very tasty & rather filling.

We’ve tried strawberry dacquiri mixes but only Bacardi was any good, and it really needed honey and bananas or fresh strawberries to be its best. Strawberry pie filling & bananas might be better still. May try that soon as I found a forgotten can not long ago.

We've made almost_an_Orange_Julius a few times too. All you need is orange juice, ice cubes, egg, a little cream of tartar & sugar. Strawberry & banana ones are nice too. Ours are largely based on what I saw at the mall as a teen (when the OJ people borrowed ingredients from the mall restaurant) and what I read in Top Secret recipes. heh

Still haven't mastered the art of homemade milkshakes with lactose-free ice cream. Perhaps soon.

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