Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...
In the radiology wing
Wondering if this will be the answer
or another gray pearl in a string
of listless hanging days.
Wondering when these will end.
Wondering if my beloved.
will ever be well again.
I used to fear I'd lose him
when his pangs began and when
he'd hardly sleep of a night
wondering when they'd come again.
But he lived through the last trials.
And this gives hope on days like these
when the waiting..waiting..waiting..
seems like it will never cease.

Susan McGaw

Cat scan took all day long Monday. Some kind of blockage developed and the barium refused to go down. They tried every few hours until 9pm, when they finally went with what they coudl get then. Tom has an appointment to see the doctor on Friday. We are staying offline in case they feel like saying something before then. I'll have to wait to put this up even. *sigh*

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