Saturday, March 05, 2005

Gray Day...with chance of frogs

The weather has warmed since the last spate of rain. We completely missed the last 'winter' storms. (Here they were early spring-ish rainstorms, just like what threatens now.) The few frogs awake here are loving the warmer wet conditions and are singing away cheerily. Seems like there's always a bright spot in the gray.

As for us, well, I'm happy to say that William seems to have turned some kind of a corner with the currrent math problems & can once again finish a math page in a reasonable amount of time. Yay! (William & I were amused to find out recently that Yeesha is also doing long division in M4. "She can't be that old then, Mom." quoth William. Couldnt quite bring myself to break it to him that there is still a tougher level & even more variations than what he's mastered. He'll find out soon enough.)

I've set aside my GBA Mario & Luigi rpg (so that there will still be fresh areas when I play it in the hospital) & picked up Paper Mario:TYD in its stead. My kids are way ahead of me on that one and very much enjoyed giving me hints. Tom chimed in occasionally too but last night my better half was mostly into (re) playing Katamari Damacy. He's beaten the whole game several times and is now seeing how many worlds can he win so thoroughly that he gets the 'eternal' setting ~ this allows the rest of us to play it without a time limit. I tried one of these he'd unlocked last night & agreed that it was much more relaxing that way.

Tom saw his Urologist yesterday. Turned out that Monday's ordeal was worth it. The good news: they finally found the other problem! The bad news: they finally found another problem...and its so unusual, the doctor has asked leave to contact the teaching colleges about it & wants to be present when it is treated. This may result in better conditions for the next go round of surgery, which is now a definite. Tom's stomach may even make the medical history books. whee! I always told him he'd be famous for something. (This got a pillow tossed in my direction with precise aim. Gee. what did I say? ;) Better news is that, for the interim, tests are over & Tom is on medication that should help him feel bit better again.

I hope this procedure does it for Tom & he is finally better afterward. Hopefully he will be. I definitely will be looking into asking people to pray for him, especially closer to the event. I am a little cheered to hear the little frogs singing today & to know solid plans are at last being made. It won't turn today, but much better weather may be on the way soon.

Meantime, here's a really cute picture of a frog


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