Friday, March 10, 2017

Walking Away

Not aiming this at anyone in particular, but thinking about the meme image itself.

Sometimes this is very good advice, especially if someone thinks they can just use you or bad talk you - especially if it is because they didn't get what they wanted or are even trying to excuse something bad they want to do to you next! If you don't live with them or under their control in some way, then letting them go is an easy answer. It may or may not be God's answer, but it is understandable to feel that way.
Sometimes in life though - people were/are living in a dependent situation because of youth, bad health, and/ or other things - and were/ are being abused and this walking away thing isn't or wasn't a practical option for many years. if anyone has been badly treated for a long time, there is going to be damage done that only Jesus can (and will) heal. Its still going to take time though, and even being willing to give all that hurt to God, they are still going to have bitter & angry days while they recover from physical, emotional &/ or mental damage.

Its hard to stay positive if you have been subjected to a TON of negative, and even more irritating if someone judges you for not being cheery enough because they choose not to care about what happened to you. Sometimes people aren't just being hard-hearted though. Sometimes figure they are helping injured person move on - like an in-life physical therapist. Sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes it totally isn't. The crippled don't need to hear how they should be running faster. I guess that is why all decisions like this dealing with the injured, those trying not to be bitter for all the emotional abuse they received, and those surrounded by negative mouths, etc -need to be double-checked with God's Holy Spirit. We all need wise, loving discernment on what these issues (and so many more)

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