Monday, September 02, 2013

Response to "Listening to Young Atheists, Lessons for a Stronger Christianity"

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Here's what I said about this article


It's an interesting article. I could see where a lot of these kids were coming from.

When I had serious questions, I found answers in Bible study, some books, and in prayer, but rarely did I get much help or support from people I met in mainstream church services. People often don't even really visit with one another in those buildings, and relationships are often shallow - for years, unless you look up each other on your own time. Serious questions are often considered awkward (at best.) Seriously, I value real Fellowship, but it's not always so easy to find. I knew it once, and I found Jesus to be real, so I don't judge Christianity by the failing churches I've seen.

[I wish more churches really did 'fellowship' when they got together, talking in practical terms how they interpret scripture and honor Christ, encouraging each other and praising God, rather than the 'floor show and go' that usually dominates the proceedings.]

I also don't judge those who weren't as blessed as I have been in that regard, and figure agnosticism, atheism, paganism or other beliefs systems must be the answer. I just hope they find Jesus too. The Blessed Hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a LOT better than any alternative! My life wouldn't have been worth living without God's active support. I want the nice people I've met to share this advantage that's made all the difference for me.

I do agree that it's important to be real, and down-to-Earth about how believing Jesus changes your life. The search for authenticity in Christianity was what birthed the 'Jesus Movement' that I knew growing up. I don't agree that you have to proselytize continually to be real. If you are seriously applying Christ's teachings to your life, it becomes obvious enough. Believers should be willing to discuss why they believe and how it affects their life choices, and brave enough to face possible flack for not bending farther (to get along), but insisting on talking about Our Faith with those who are not expressing an interest in listening tends to backfire. Living the Gospel is (in my opinion) often more important and effective than constantly preaching it. I expect the Holy Spirit to give me the words when He wants me to speak on Kingdom matters. Isn't that part of what was promised to us?


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Another post not going through FB - at least not yet. My family checked and only I can see it 2 hours later, even when I set it to public. So..trying out the 'embed post' feature to see how that works

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An explanation -

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