Sunday, March 06, 2011

March Mystery Reviews

I expect will have to add to this post as the month progresses. I have 2-3 cozy mysteries going now (not sure if Wodehouse counts), and one I hope to read ASAP, as you can see on my Shelfari page

Carbs and Cadavers by J.B. Stanley
(still reading)

Excellent so far!

A William & Mary Professor moves back into the small Shenandoah town from whence and takes a job as the local librarian. He came in order to care for his widowed father, but the lack of his usual involvements leaves him too much time to indulge in his favorite snack(s). He joins the local dieting supper club to make some friends and lose some weight just as a big mystery overshadows the little town of Quincy Gap.

 A Crafty Killing by Lorraine Bartlett

also great so far :))

Kate Bonner finds herself stuck with a majority ownership of Artisan's Alley, her husband's dream business, after both her husband and his partner pass away unexpectedly. (Kate's dream was to run a Victorian B & B.) Her husband's partner turns out to be only the first killing in Artisans Alley. Kate finds herself suddenly involved in trying to solve the crimes and save her husband's business.

The Plot That Thickened by P.G. Wodehouse
 aka Pearls, Girls, and Monty Bodkin (still reading)

This one's more cozy than mystery, but is very good.
A library was giving it away and I was tickled to get a new--to-me Wodehouse :D

Poor Monty Bodkin found his inherited wealth insufficient to win the familial approval of Gertrude, his lady fair. To fix this Monty served a year to prove himself to the prospective father-in-law, only to be disqualified by how he had gotten the job. He decides to persevere and finds fresh employment as secretary to his old boss in England, since the American family happens to be visiting for an extended period. Monty's erstwhile secretary has also taken employment with the Llewellyn's, in order to pursue him. A trio of shady sorts have set their sights on Mrs Llewellyn's pearls, and Gertrude's father is now close enough to hope to botch Monty's hopes of marrying into his family...

A Killer Plot by Ellery Adams 5/5

A terrific debut mystery! Surprising twists and turns in this cozy about a wannabe author who finally joins her local writer's group and finds she has to face her own ghosts while helping find the killer of a new friend. Very good!

Revenge for Old Time's Sake by Kris Neri 4/5
 (finished 2/2/11)

This is the third 'act' of Tracy Eaton's exciting life. This time her husband Drew has been framed for the murder of a colleague he had just socked in the nose, after, ironically, they had just won an unlikely case together.

Tracy calls on every friend and family member available to her, which includes her prickly mother-in-law, Charlotte. Charlotte and Tracy's Mom, Martha, do NOT get along, which makes every outing with one or both of them an even larger adventure. :)

There is a lot of 'action' in their efforts to free Drew and catch the real killer. It wasn't hard to picture this one on T.V. or even in a movie. I found some elements a bit over-the-top, but given as it is set in Hollywood's backyard, maybe that's just how it should be!

It takes Tracy quite a while to get the information she needs to make progress. I solved it way ahead of her this time, just by recognizing a cliched character. The nature of that cliche is why it lost a star and favorite status with me, but I will say I thought it was otherwise very well-written and well worth your time

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