Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gift Cards & Snow!

Got directed toward this helpful site for comparing gift card policies and realized I really should share, seeing as many of you may be about to grab a few before the big meet-up 'neath Grandma's Christmas tree. We've never had trouble using the gift cards we've received over the years, but its good to know which ones are good at all chain stores and which ones are not!

     In personal news, we're still getting over that bug, which makes even mailing difficult since that's a 'treasure' we'd rather not share. OTOH we gottsa snow!! A few days ago we got a real winter-ish snow and several inches of the wet white stuff. Since we haven't felt well enough to do much shopping this year, we didn't miss out on much. We just stayed home, drank cocoa, and watched it fall. It stuck around too, unlike the last time where it fell in the wee hours and was melted by mid-morning. I was worried that might be the only snow but ~ nope, we have been able to see a winter wonderland at all hours this week :D
Since there was some ice due to it melting and refreezing, we've pretty much stayed home since. Went to see one friend, and even that was pushing it given we're still in recovery mode. Its snowing again tonight, but its a lot gentler than the forecast suggested. We still have to get some stuff done, so not having another full winter storm is good news. Even better is the report that we could have a little snow on Christmas itself! That hardly ever happens here!
In other holiday-related news, Ye Olde Guilt-Provoking Snowglobe is still available it seems. Couldn't find embed code but the site's ratings are okay. Of course, there's always Strongbad's Snowglobe Enjoy! (If you are so inclined :)

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Sarah said...

Hope you don't mind if I splash around to get to know you a bit. This looks like a refreshing place to dip and get drenched in goodness.

Have a joy filled, love overflow Christmas,