Wednesday, July 22, 2009

replaying RPGs

I still do replay my old favorites, especially old RPGs...the old consoles retire upstairs and those that have the best game music to sleep by get played the most. DH especially likes that aspect after surgeries.

On my handheld I am finishing replaying Chronotrigger. Finally found the new DS content. Wuzzah! Also currently finishing an umpteenth replay of Lufia 1 - I'd love to play Lufia 2 again but its been a real buzzard about deleting saved games about halfway in. Not something I'd complain to Nintendo about- I have had these SNES cartridges for what, 15 years? Anyway - Becka & I are working on ways to realistically get a ROM playing on the elderly thrice-fried tv upstairs so he can listen to this unreliable old fav.

In the last months I have replayed Replayed Paper Mario 1 & 2, Mario Sunshine, & all the older Zeldas to completion except Seasons/Oracles (he didn't like the music after a bit)...and the end of Majora's Mask because I was too tense with it. [I have the GBA & orig Gameboy connectors for the SNES & Gamecube so those can be played on the tv.]

Fav RPGs:: Chronotrigger, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga 1 & 2, Final Fantasy III, IV, & VI (SNES FF3) , Paper Mario 1 & 2, Super Mario Legend of the Seven Stars (you can now get it again on Wii virtual console W00t!!), Lufia 1 & 2 (the translations are so bad they're funny), Link...almost counts, Illusion of Gaia, & Breath of Fire (I think. There's one cartridge that hasn't worked in years. I seem to remember liking it.)

Just a little note to keep the blog from looking abandoned until I have more time :)

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