Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays

Always loved that Snowglobe :))

Just had to upload this old fav when I saw I could share it with you. You can shake it with your mouse - but be prepared to feel a little guilty ;)

We've been very busy with continuing trips to the orthodontist (mild complications), and catching up on Christmas obligations after finally getting past that bad cold/flu whatsit, but we are making progress! The last of the larger mail went out today. Our youngun's Christmas is pretty much bought. The house is decorated. We've eaten through 3 crates of Celementines & 1 tin of Swedish Gingersnaps. We're doing an Advent calendar in the shape of a house this time, and we're nearly ready to make the gingerbread house. Hoping it comes out well this year. Some years it does, some years it doodnt. lol

& Best of all, we are finally getting this year's goodies updated on www.santapenguin.com - now located on a much better server. Its not all up quite yet. Looks like we need to tweak this year's e-card a bit more first. But there are changes! Becka made some lovely wallpapers this time, and I have added some Christmas Hidden Object challenges using our pictures. Feel free to dig into our digital Christmas present to you all whenever you have a minute - or three.

Susan & family

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