Friday, April 18, 2008

End of the Line...

The Traveling Wilburys turned me Inside Out from the first time I heard the music. The first & third albums are classic, 2nd not so much. If you've never heard this impromptu gathering of music legends that became a band, then you have been seriously missing out. True- there are a few I always omit due to language issues - and a few that too good not to play - but only with headphones as they aren't appropriate for the kids (I won't put any of those videos on this blog), but even so - the Wilburys made unforgettable music together.

The solo albums for each artist from this period were usually done with the other Wilburys' - so they sorta count too. They even appear in many of each other's videos - plus Ringo Starr and/or Jeff Keltner (on drums).

This is the first one I heard. I'd have remembered them forever even if I had only heard this song...
Handle Me With Care

Even a New Blue Moon is unlikely to form anything like the Wilburys ever again. Especially with Roy Orbison AND George Harrison gone. They are still missed. You can listen to a few more from the Wilburys if the sound has Rattled your cage.

Not Alone Anymore

Wibury Twist (PG warning for the one word - doesn't mean a donkey)

She's a Mystery to Me Orbison (PG topic) Written by Bono of U2

You Got It - Orbison

Outtakes 1
1st Where Were You Last Night?
2nd song Inside Out, always reminded me of the movie Labyrinth
3rd song is Cool, Dry Place - another fav) ::

Outtakes 2 ::
(lovely Mexican/Latin sound)
2. Like a Ship (very cool!)
3. She's My Baby

Jeff Lynne remembers Roy Orbison & the Wilburys

Jeff Lynne & Tom Petty 2007 interview Part 1 Part 2

The recent Wilburys documentary:: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Congratulations, Margarita - if you watch all these, you'll know as much about them as I do (aside from refs in a Harrison bio I read recently. I am so glad he finally got his dream - the ultimate friends remaining friends throughout the recording session. :)

I liked some songs from Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne , & Roy Orbison since my teen years, but I'd admired George Harrison since I was a little kid. That's actually a little odd when you realize how few albums he made, and how few of those had songs on it I truly loved, but those few - those were unforgettable! Remember Here Comes the Sun? My Sweet Lord ? Give Me Love? While My Guitar Gently Weeps? Then there was that last album before the Wilburys, Cloud Nine. Got My Mind Set on You (still think of my daughter when I hear it as she was new to us when it was a hit), Fish on the Sand, When We Was Fab, Devil's Radio (about gossip), Someplace Else

When We Was Fab was George's memorial to the fickleness of fame & dangers of believing your own publicity. Loved how he made himself back into a 'street musician' for the video. Showed some real humility. It had been decades since he or Ringo actually had to sing for their suppers. Just one of those touches that made George's work so memorable.

I've liked ELO songs for a long time. I love Moody Blues music even more, but thinking back on it, I'd have to admit to being a sort of a Jeff Lynne fan. I enjoyed the ELO song "Don't Walk Away" so much I bought the goofy soundtrack it came on (trivia question. Do you know what movie that was?) - a fairly rare occurrence for me. My favorite from Jeff Lynne (& another contender for fav of favs) is Hold On Tight to Your Dream (with ELO) . [Added just because I love this song so much.]

& Lift Me Up from the Wilbury era -Armchair Theater album-
(yep, another fav!)

Tom Petty's best ever IMHO (with the Wilburys, anyway) from the Full Moon Fever album.

No, Tom Won't Back Down

This song has long been close to my heart, has whispered comfort to me on my journey. We're all heading for the End of the Line - but it's all right - When you live right with Christ it doesn't matter if "everyday is Judgment day." I think of this song every time someone I have cared about passes away. It was the last thing Roy Orbison ever did. What a great parting message!

As for me - I'm Heading for the Light

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