Sunday, March 02, 2008

In Like a Lion

I always related to that lion & lamb thing people mention every year as March comes around, knowing I have a bit of both in my makeup. I confuse the heck out of the 'label-minded.' Sometimes I come in like a lion - ready to right those horrible wrongs- and find out the situation wasn't so bad after all - I may even stick around then, gamboling cheerfully around the landscape. Sometimes I have gone in to a group as a happy sheepy, looking like a 'follower' (because of my respect for genuine authority figures, my willingness to support what I value, and my great concern for friends), only to reveal my strong personality and sharp disagreement with what crosses my lines - faithlessness, arrogance, malice, bigotry, selfishness...

I like being around people but I also enjoy quiet meditative time. I love God, and put what I can glean of His opinions first in my life. I love most people too, but I don't need outsiders to define my personal worth. So am I more lion or lamb? Well - actually - the answer to that isn't up to you, so its unfair of me to ask that out loud. Forget it. Wonder which way St Patrick thought of himself. He loved people too. St Patrick's prayers included ones that asked that Jesus be mediator in how he saw others and how they saw him, but he is also said to have had quite a temper. Maybe we are all called to be lion AND lamb. Jesus himself is described both ways.

I love March as a month too. Here the weather is usually mildly cool, with few insects to disturb outings. As soon as DH is a bit better, we can hope to make the rounds again at the various parks & museums. We could do more museums in bad weather, I know, but it seems like we hardly ever do. This year, Becka will get to do more of the driving involved, as she needs more practice to be really comfortable with moving around the cities and such. Thankfully, she's got the potential to be an excellent driver. She is already very careful in her habits.
This first March weekend the sun is shining and the birds are singing so loudly you can't hear much from the frogs, whose sssllloowww croaking enlivened our evening. (Its a bit chilly for our amphibious neighbors). We have a few things we need to handle today, including more softener salt & coping with a roast that should have gone in the crockpot last night. Yesterday was busy too, but went well enough that its now part of the gentle rhythm of the weekend, the gentle sudsy retreat of an outgoing wave on the sands of life.


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