Monday, February 18, 2008

Grey, quiet dusky day

Which is still much nicer than the forecast said it would be. The 'severe thunderstorm' missed us entirely, the bit of rain was fairly light, and the winds are only up a little bit this time. OTOH The warm temps and heavy clouds have kept us company all day. Been listening to the frogs singing away into the wind's accompaniment, an orchestra of peace.

Too bad its supposed to be chilly again for the next few days. They won't like that.


Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is Shushan. i have never met anyone else with her name. Sometimes you hear of Shushana, but not Shushan as a girl's name. Is your name Shushan or susan?

Shushan said...

If you go back in time a bit, Susan & Shushan are alternate spellings for the same name. Suzette and Suzanne are also related. You have given your daughter a very ancient name indeed.

I wrote a blog a while back explaining

Shushan said...

dividing it up so you can get the whole url when you put it back together