Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Educational Holiday Treats

An educational treat from The Teaching Company:

In "Christmas in Victorian Britain," Professor Patrick N. Allitt
explores the celebration of Christmas as we know it today, with
decorations, music, and lavish gift exchanges, and where it
began—Victorian Britain. While the holiday had older traditions such as
those that celebrated the winter solstice, the Victorians enhanced and
clarified the religious elements of Christmas and at the same time
commercialized it.

After familiarizing yourself with the origins of modern-day Christmas,
explore "Christmas in 19th-century America." How did different ethnic
groups in America celebrate Christmas in the early 19th century? Why did
New Englanders often want to avoid all forms of celebration while
Pennsylvania Germans dressed up, visited each other, and drank heavily?
After the Civil War, Christmas celebrations began to be standardized
throughout the nation under the influence of the new department stores,
which ran the Christmas-oriented marketing campaigns we are familiar
with today. "

"You may access your free lectures online between now and January 31, 2008. Please feel free to send the lecture links to any friends of yours who might also enjoy them. They are free for them as well.
Season's greetings to you!"

[Thanks, Chris!]


Doug van Orsow said...

Dear Shushan,

Dr. Allitt is one of my favorite lecturers with a great sense of humor.

You may find my Teaching Company user forum useful where I review all lectures in their new courses:

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Doug van Orsow
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Shushan said...

Thank you very much for the invitation! :))

& Happy Holidays