Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Brief Break before...

Helping my hubby with saving some fall bounty. He's been puttering about with a few friends, working on little projects and sharing in the occasional harvest. He is still waiting to finish up with the medical stuff, though we did have some good news this week. His meds were changed just a little and he is feeling better for it! Thanks to friends we have some fresh nuts and even got some turnip greens a couple nights ago. Doesn't sound wonderful but it tasted GREAT once Mom got done with it.

Becka had her birthday recently, and seemed to enjoy it. Made us very glad she was pleased. You can see a picture of her bday cake below. I will leave the honors of any further description to her. (hint!)

Fall is fully in flowering, glowing color now. Absolutely glorious!

Both kids are doing rather well with their studies. We've added in a few lectures & AP materials from the free sites. Never knew the lattice method of multiplication before, though I had heard it mentioned. Its made things much easier for my son, especially. His ABeka books LOVE to drill lengthy multiplication problems.

I have been reading more dedicatedly since joining Shelfari. Its great to hear from other literate, amusing, intelligent people. I found a few new authors from their recommendations, got a ton of old books to read from another acquaintance, and have been reading night and day again. Unsurprisingly, this has made my own writing bug worse. ;-)

As a result, I have joined the NaNoWriMo project with the story DH and I sketched out together on our last date - working title "Malvoisine." Its going well so far. I have the concept, plot line, and several chapters planned - in addition to the first pages. This makes my word count look a lot lower than it should at this time. I need a plan for larger projects, but they go much faster after this is done. I made sure they didn't mind this sort of thing before joining. It'd be great if I actually got the new novel done by the end of the month.

I may not make it, as I have homeschooling, chores, a small game project I would still like to have done before Christmas, my son's upcoming day of celebration, Christmas crafts, and a fair amount of competition for this computer. We still have the other non-set surgery plan lingering about like Banquo's ghost as well. Who knows when they will suddenly say - "be at the hospital." This is why I wanted this competition deadline. My writing has this habit of being put off indefinitely for everything else.

Now you know why I am going to be especially busy this month.

Soooo - if I disappear for a bit- its not necessarily a bad thing.



Lynne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Those are beautiful photos you've posted.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You are doing Nano too and a homeschooling mom! Me too!!

Becky said...

Fall is beautiful where you live!
Thanks for stopping by.

Monica said...

I took a long time off of blogging, but just started up again. You left me a comment awhile back and I'm sorry I didn't respond. I have found my way back and liked this post particularly so decided to respond to it. I love hearing how other people homeschooling are going about it!