Friday, September 28, 2007


Your cat's a Hugger

That's right, your cat's the type to stay near you 24/7 (or at least know where you are at any given moment). They might even be closer to you than your own shadow! It's not that they're needier than others, it's just that they're driven by so much affection to spread, they can't wait to share it with you — whether you're on the sofa, or making the bed, or running a bath...

What's Your Cat's Type?

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You've got what it takes to be Creative Mom!

Recipe for: The Creative Mom
Quote: "No problem! We'll just..."

A bunch of fresh ideas
A potful of ingenuity
A dash of inspiration
Whatever's in the fridge

You're the type of mom who can make a prize-winning Halloween costume from cardboard boxes and old stuff from the garage, or whip up a tasty after-work meal from whatever's in the fridge and the cupboard. And what about your ability to make an earlier bedtime sound like a great idea to the kids? When there's a problem, you solve it—with wit and inspiration.

You're a figure-outer and it shows in your creativity and innovation. Whether it's taking care of school projects or giving social advice to your kids, when you put that sharp mind to it, you always come up with devastatingly clever solutions.

The Ultimate Mom Test

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Your signature candle is Zanzibar Clove

No one ever accused you of being dull. Wild and unpredictable, you're at your best when you're pushing limits and exploring new territory. From travel to work to fashion, you're the kind of intrepid soul who's always taking chances and eager to learn more.

Like the exotic scent of Zanzibar clove, there's a mysterious side to you that people love trying to figure out. A true chameleon, you might tear up the dance floor at one party and move on to another where you start a heated discussion about foreign policy. You love to keep people guessing. Don't worry, we won't tell!

Which Candle Suits You?

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Your flavor is Crazy Cranberry
We have to hand it to you. With your self-confidence, gumption, and joie de vivre, you're usually two steps ahead of the pack, willing to try anything once (and usually twice). We'd guess that kind of devil-may-care attitude has won you loads of admirers, particularly those wanting in on some of that positive energy (or maybe just wondering what the heck you're going to do next). Regardless, you're always refreshing with a little kick — a combination sure to juice up any crowd.

You're a real self-starter, and tend to be motivated by the unknown. For you, the possibilities are endless. And that kind of adventuresome attitude is contagious. That's probably why people tend to look to you to shake things up — you never know what kind of fabulous cocktail you'll come up with

What Flavor Fits You?

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I had to reduce the links and such before they would show up on my blog. I could always see them in preview mode, so I don't know what the deal was. You may have to remove the link coding on the pictures too if you want to post your results on blogger. It was reduntant anyway, since there's text link to each test below the result. I felt the test were fun enough to be worth the trouble of tweakering, obviously. ;-)

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