Sunday, October 29, 2006

To Know Him is to Love Him

Got inspired by another blog which hasn't been updated in awhile so I thought I'd share my thoughts here....

All I want is a mutual connection with someone. Someone I can connect with on a soul to soul level. Someone with whom I share common dreams and goals. Someone with a compatible personality and character. Someone I can talk to about anything and everything without being laughed at or judged. Someone I can share all my secrets with. Someone who will share his secrets with me! Someone I can share all my deepest and most private thoughts and feelings and who will do the same with me. I just want to share ALL of ME with someone!!! My heart, mind, soul, body.... for the rest of my life! And someone who will reciprocate! Someone who will love me with all their heart and make me FEEL it. I want to feel like I'm a priority in someone's life. I want to be someone's everything. I want someone that will look forward to coming home to me. Someone who will be faithful to me with the utmost integrity.

I want to be with someone who isn't afraid to share his emotions- both good and bad. Who isn't afraid to let his sensitive side show... who is open with "I love you"s and other sweet comments.

I long to fall asleep each night with someone's arms securly wrapped around me. I want to know that I am his and he is mine. I want to make love with someone tender and giving... with someone who is interested in what I need....and how I want to be treated, touched, and held. I want someone who makes me tremble with the softest touch.

And I want to GIVE to someone everything HE needs, too. I want to fulfill his deepest needs. I feel like I have so much love bottled up inside me to pour on someone,,,, but there is no one.

To be known completely, and loved unconditionally, thoroughly is the dream of every heart. God put it there, which sometimes seems unfair because we can never completely satisfy this desire in each other. All of us mere mortals fight the urge to judge, snap, be petty, and superior...all things we don't want in our perfect dream mate. We wouldn't (ideally) even want someone exactly like ourselves. I think this call to something higher we can attain is a clue of sorts.

We are not, any of us, good enough to give or receive what we really want. Not yet anyway. You are willing to try, from what you've written.

Have you tried satisfying that 'share all of me' thing with Jesus for awhile? Its not easy to do, it takes time to really build that relationship, but once there the grace is there to enjoy what Jesus loves about all the guys & gals around you. Who knows what may happen then?

I am not trying to be flip here.

I've felt that hunger myself. What I found was that only God could satisfy it.When I learned to look to Christ first for the perfect love, provision, & protection I craved, I was able to appreciate the guy God gave me so much more than before. My husband was then free to be himself, rather than the answer to all my needs. ya know?

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