Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A few jotted notes

And finally I finish a blog from last fall..

Had to change Nov to March to put it where you could see it.

I guess I needed that 'poke,' my friend, to get me back in here where I told everyone to check for news. My apologies. Its been a crazy year and I had slipped out of 'net' mode for primary communications.

Basically things haven't changed all that much since I last wrote. Tom is still doing fine and is still supposed to be done with his treatments very soon. He's feeling much stronger and just in time too! We needed his skilled touch with several little tasks around the house... one task was threatening to grow to be a BIG pain, but its ambitions were shortlived.

Yah yah yah... I know. Too ambiguous. Heh. It'll make y'all call more often. buahahaha!

Soooo..what news?

uumm..it looks like UruLive will be returning for real. A fresh beta has been announced.
This is very good news not only for me, a longtime Myst fan, but to many who enjoyed beautiful, easy-paced, family friendly environment Uru offered to provide. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

Our dog is gone and two cats have arrived, all without any input from us. The first frogs and fireflies of the season are making themselves known. A raccoon and a doe are threatening to adopt us as well. I think the doe is the former fawn that used to watch Tom in the garage. I suspect the racoon just associates with his favorite snack :: cat food.

Mom & the kids are thoroughly enjoying Busch Gardens & Water Country again now that the weather has warmed up. I think they are enjoying it now much more than when it was a blessed distraction. I've gotten out a few times myself. The weather is certainly nice enough for about any fun we have in mind. Its been just the right amount of rainy days with enough sunny warm days to keep things fresh and green.

Tom is happy that the leaning pine trees have been professionally removed before the next storm season arrives.

Still a few things we need to keep in prayer, but overall, we're doing rather well, considering how long this trial has lasted. Now...how about you?


Beth said...

I too am thrilled at the advent of URU Live coming back late this year. I was one of those who bought URU (heck, I pre-ordered every single Myst game that came out), and I got my invitation to URU Live....but I wanted to play the whole game before I joined the online community. I finished the game, and life got in the way, and just when I was about to finally get to join URU Live, it got canceled. I signed up for Until URU, but could never figure out how to get it to work. *sigh* So now I am thrilled to join URU Live again, if they let old hags like me into online games. Maybe you and I can meet sometime in URU!

Shushan said...

I can relate! I pre-ordered Uru ABM (the expansions) as they came out and enjoyed them very much, but the beta wasn't even a possibility back when they were having it. There was no broadband in my neighborhood. Even satellite wasn't an option (I live in a wetland forest.) I creaked into Until Uru last fall on dialup, but I tended to freeze up in it, and there weren't many people to see.

Its incredible that this chance has returned. Very hard not to be very enthusaistic about it!

Yes, I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for you in Uru!