Monday, September 05, 2005

Labors and rest in Him

This has been a wild week and a weird labor day weekend.

Katrina's damage had us praying/worrying about friends for most of the week and crying with another acquaintance who lost several members of her extended clan. Felt inside the missing friends were probably okay but how can you truly relax until you know for sure? Thankfully they were able to send word this weekend. In other news, Cyan has just announced major cutbacks, though it sounds like they can save the company for now. I feel peace about this too. I am convinced God has something good in mind, as rough as it seems right now. Two neighbors were buried. Recognized the names, but we didnt know them well. We heard some very anti-Christian noises kicked off by Robertson's comments and by ill-tempered folks who apparantly don't like Bush's nominee. Some Christian broadcasters have had alot to say about the ugly noises made as well. Hard not to notice where things seem to be going but still the internal calm and sense of victory in Jesus reigns in our hearts.

Tom has had some tough evenings lately, and more trouble sleeping, but as near as we can tell its because he's reaching a new level of healing.

Honestly, things have been strangely peaceful at our house given all thats going on. The kids have gone swimming at Water Country. Tom and I saw his folks midweek. (Found myself led to pray a lot that day without knowing why, though I've had plenty of reason to pray all week!) Its enough to make me feel a little guilty. So many people have suffered lately. But its not that we don't have plenty to worry and and stress over, just seems like we've had more grace to rest in God's hands.

I've definitely felt God's grace over us this weekend. Its been pretty blessed for my immediate family. We've seen penguin documentaries and favorite mystery shows I haven't seen in forever. My duckling a la orange came out extremely well. etc etc

Gotta wonder what next week will have for us all.

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