Monday, June 13, 2005

The calm before the...?

Tom still hasn't had his major surgery yet, though we've seen plenty of that hospital. By now I am learning my way around Richmond's downtown again. Last hold up was a surprisingly rough cold bug that has slowed up the whole family for the last couple of weeks. They put Tom on *very* strong antibiotics & gave it "a few days" now we wait to be called again. Should be anytime. For awhile we we've been feeling the strain of these medical adventures but, now, somehow, the depression is lifting. We feel...comforted, cheered even. This is going to be over soon.

We have some good stuff to look forward on the side as well. My Mom won tickets to the closest amusement park so we'll definitely be taking the kids over one of these days. It says 'season tickets,' but we haven't been there yet to have this verified by the park. Soon!

Tom has used the extra time to take care of some maintenance issues in my car & his so we'll be able to do the local park & museum thing again. We live within an hour of colonial Williamsburg, revolutionery Yorktown, & Jamestown as well as a number of museums. Every park here has some history attached to it. Here fun & education are always hand in hand. I really like that about Virginia. 'Tis cool.

Not doing as much for Mysterium as I have some years ~ but what I have got is coming out wonderfully well. Hope they like it.

As for me..well, I finished Grim Fandango with my family a week or so ago (wonderful game!) Finally finished Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door too & decided to put Myst IV away. No time for it. Instead I've moved on game-wise to two GBA titles I never got around to finishing before ~ Zelda: Oracle of Ages & Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. They travel well, obviously, which is a big plus. Even better, I am already past where I was stuck in the first one. Yay!

& I'm reading David Copperfield because I couldn't properly appreciate Rebecca's book report on what I remembered of the story. Its rather good, even by modern standards. Now I am not sure I ever read this particular novel before. I read Bleak House in high school & became acquainted with Nicholas Nickleby not much later. All of Dickens' titles are so famous, they all sound familiar.

We've now seen Star Wars 3 & pretty much agreed with Rand's assessment of it. Obi Wan & Yoda were even more wonderful than before. Anakin's acting skills improved a lot & Padme's a little. Felt sorry for both characters, but even more sorry for Jedi Mace Windu & the kids. As theatricals go, it was done well, but the story was so very sad.

Madasgascar I saw only yesterday, when everybody finally felt well enough to sit in a movie theater. It was cute but the frenetic motion of the characters detracted from the overall charm. All the animals seemed to be on fast-forward. But, hey, I'd have gone just to see the penguins. Becka started a story with me on the way home about how the evil Emporer penguins elite troops came to be ncarcerated in the New York zoo in the first place. :D

So, anyway, we've necessarily been taking it easy & waiting for developments. I still don't have time to play online, so my other drafts for this blog etc, will just have to wait until later.

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