Monday, May 02, 2005


Tom came back in a grim state of mind. Seems the big teaching hospital trip is back on the menu. Should have more details Wednesday. Hope they still have that place for relatives to stay for free nearby. That was a big help last time he had surgery there.

The folks at Mom's church very much like Rebecca's fractal tribute to John Paul II. Something may yet come of it. It's be nice if it made it into one of the collections for him. Father Lee was quite enthusiastic about the image. Mom presented my Jabez blog too. I hope that also blesses someone up the line. God must have some reason for what he's doing with us these days.

We took the trash off while we getting a few things done around town. Once again finding myself shaking my head at what I saw there. The sheer wastefulness of some folks is hard for me to understand. I'd swear that yuppy took pride in throwing away decent-looking furniture, scooters etc. Hasnt she ever heard of donating? How about reduce, re-use, recycle? Sometimes I actually come out and gently suggest something of the sort but somehow this didnt seem like the day.

Lately a blue heron has taken to living around our driveway. He fussed as per tradition at first, but now barely bothers to move when my car comes down. I'd swear he nodded his head towards us as we went by today. Made us feel a little better. Got a fresh stack of books to read too, thanks to the sale at the library. The local county library isnt much, despite its size & snazzy look. Generally speaking, we have more & better resources than they do, but William needed to see how one worked. He managed that part very well, happily. Then we enjoyed checking out a few more magazines. All in all, it was a good trip.

Changes, I can feel changes on the lightly chilled spring breeze.

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